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Reasons You Like an Art Work

There are various reasons you like so many things and art works are not an exception, just as it is with food, colors, music, etc. You have probably found that you prefer some specific kind of works to others, reason is that you are unique and art connects with us deeply on many levels and this connection can spur likeness.

Hence, we would run you through some of the different reasons why a genre of visual art could be preferred perhaps you would come into a better understanding of your preference.

Inspiration: If an art inspires you, you are bound to like it. If you’ve ever been before a dominant work that carries the image of your icon you probably understand the level of inspiration that can be drawn from such works.

An upcoming musical artist would most likely go to see an image of Michael Jackson than that of Pele the footballer because the former tends to inspire his/her journey than that of the later.

Merely standing before such works is a memory, they can leverage upon to supply strength for the rest of their lives.

Meditation: Almost if not every thing in an art work can spur deep thoughts and the eventual birthing of great ideas as it allows the mind of its beholder to travel beyond usual boarders.

This experience is such that while you are yet admiring a curve, a line gets your attention and then a shade and probably a space after that, causing a rush of questions to pop into mind as to how, where and why it was done.

People tend to like this kind of works as it opens their minds to boundless possibilities that they may not ordinarily consider.

It is a portal: Some works transcends time and space; they help you live in times you are not currently in (past or future) and places you are not currently at by how vividly they express such realities.

Merely looking at such works can take one back to the scenes of the World War II or before the Statue of Liberty in New York though far from there and one can’t but like such works especially when it relates to personal realities or longings.

It communicates: The artists have something(s) in mind when creating their works which when yet to be explained in words leaves a puzzle in the mind of the whoever contacts it.

However, in cases when a person as a result of the understanding of the artists subject begins to by themselves demystify the artist’s work until the message is fully comprehended the work gains more appreciation than when it is ambiguous and limited to what is seen and not what is understood.

It transcends culture/language: Art is one of those special and universal languages that everyone from everywhere can understand. It has the ability to express different feelings every human understands; hope, fear, love, pain, joy, anger, guilt, pride, awe, loneliness, anxiety, etc.

Hence, there’s usually an inclination towards an art that best describes what you feel as it is soothing to know someone else knows and understand how you feel and even go the extra mile to make an art about it.

We hope you find this helpful and insightful enough to want to look for things you like on this site and buy them.

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